Interview with Shimadzu

If we are to realise the potential of hydrogen as an environmentally benign fuel, we need to produce it cost-effectively and move away from the current dominance of grey hydrogen with its unsustainable CO2 emissions. Pyrolysis of biomass has been well-studied as a potentially carbon-neutral method for hydrogen production, but it typically requires extensive feedstock processing and high energy use.

However, at Wild Hydrogen, we believe we’ve overcome these challenges with our new gasification reactor design. Our research chemist, Michael Sims, spoke to Shimadzu about the our plans to make hydrogen carbon-negative and how their technology is helping is on this journey.

Shimadzu are industry-leading manufacturers of analytical instruments and their Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometer (GCMS) rapidly analyses the composition of our gaseous, liquid, and solid products, allowing us to adapt and innovate at pace.

You can read the interview with Michael here.