Prototype #3 Update

Micro – a global first of its kind

An innovation that reshapes possibilities on a global scale, its expanded design renders it remarkably more robust and less sensitive than its predecessor. This upscaling, coupled with far fewer physical limitations, initiated our exploration into broader parameters, revealing deeper insights within the process. 

Like its predecessor, the Micro model achieved more than we expected, with yields nearly twice as high. But it’s not just about outdoing previous models – the Micro is also providing insights that help optimize the process.

After lots of experimentation, we found that the technology is incredibly versatile. It can be adjusted for different outcomes, like producing more hydrogen, methane, or even activated carbon.

We’re using the Micro to explore different materials for fuel, from plants to seaweed, compost, sewage, and plastics. Each avenue helps us learn more and expand our potential.

Because we’re confident in the technology and our ability to surpass production goals, we’re now taking on a new challenge that wasn’t originally part of the Micro’s design. We’re focusing on making the technology more energy-efficient and able to recover heat, a big step toward sustainability.