Joining REACH

We’re excited to announce we have qualified for the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) SME REACH programme which will provide match-funded support for our technology development. 

Established in 2010, the MTC offers world-class advanced manufacturing and research facilities with the objective to serve as a link between academia and industry. This aligns closely with the goals of many SMEs, as well as ours, ensuring the best and boldest ideas become a reality.

The MTC SME REACH programme is dedicated to supporting innovative SMEs and, through this funding, we are receiving technical and engineering support to accelerate the research, design and testing of our technology. The findings of this research and development are critical for informing the design and deployment of our commercial demonstrator. 

All of this support – combined with the assistance from our existing research, engineering and technical partners – is allowing us to continue our rapid progress towards making carbon-negative hydrogen a commercial reality.