A Trailblazing Hydrogen Project

A trailblazing hydrogen demonstration project with Hydrogen Innovation Initiative (HII) and Connected Places Catapult  

With support from the Hydrogen Innovation Initiative (HII) and Connected Places Catapult, we’re leading one of four trailblazing hydrogen demonstration projects alongside Hydrologiq, National Gas Metering, and Ultima Forma to demonstrate hydrogen’s potential. Funded by Innovate UK, the Hydrogen Innovation Initiative unites industry, government, and academia to create a globally competitive and investible hydrogen technology and services sector here in the UK. 

At Wild Hydrogen, our aim is to produce affordable, carbon-negative hydrogen using our innovative RiPR technology. This technology converts any biogenic material into clear hydrogen while simultaneously removing carbon from the atmosphere. Our demonstration will integrate a Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) system to purify our hydrogen-rich synthesis gas. This process enables the removal and capture of carbon dioxide, resulting in a high-calorific gas comprised of methane and hydrogen. Our goal is to prove the compatibility of PSA with the produced gases and demonstrate the provision of a transition fuel suitable for hydrogen-blended gas grid applications, internal combustion engines, or gas turbines. We are working closely with researchers, led by Dr. Hyungwoong Ahn from the University of Edinburgh on this groundbreaking project. 

The Hydrogen Innovation Initiative’s mission is to help build robust and resilient hydrogen technology supply chains. By accelerating the development of critical technologies and supply chains for the hydrogen economy, they will support the UK industry to anchor high-value jobs, boost resilience and drive decarbonisation. HII is supporting the industry to seize this opportunity by scaling product and service development to secure thousands of sustainable jobs and help improve export prospects, allowing UK businesses to compete in the global hydrogen economy. 

At Wild Hydrogen, we are excited to be at the forefront of this movement, contributing to a sustainable and prosperous future through innovative hydrogen solutions. 

I am excited to launch Wild Hydrogen’s HII demonstration project, securing a carbon negative future for our technology by separating CO2 from our synthesis gas. The project will map out a pathway towards providing geological storage grade CO2, while looking to future innovations combining hydrogen separation in the process. The opportunity has been provided by Innovate UK’s Global Business Innovation Program which facilitated networking between Dr Ahn and myself, I look forward to our collaboration and exploring the possibilities in adsorption technology.

Dr Michael Sims – Research Scientist at Wild Hydrogen 

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