Our solution is simple

Biogenic Material RiPR Clear Hydrogen CO2 & Carbon

Our RiPR technology is adaptable to a wide range of biogenic feedstocks, including numerous waste products. Little preparation is required and RiPR works with both wet and dry feedstocks.

Hydrogen and carbon atoms are the building blocks of all biogenic materials. Our patented RiPR technology liberates this hydrogen, using a proprietary process that is not water intensive, does not use large amounts of electricity and avoids rare earth metals.

The end result is Clear Hydrogen, a carbon-negative source of hydrogen that can be produced at a cost comparable to grey hydrogen. There are few harmful tars or waste gases produced and our hydrogen does not require expensive cleaning.

With a few additional steps, the carbon released during the RiPR process can be captured in either solid or gas form. This carbon would normally re-enter the atmosphere, so this step would ensure that Clear Hydrogen is not just carbon neutral but carbon negative.

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